Changing the world requires a new way of thinking about our
global systems.

This June, the Systems Change Lab will begin rolling out a new platform to monitor, learn from and mobilize action for the transformational changes required to protect both people and the planet.

Climate change. Deforestation. Inequality. Food insecurity. If we continue down this path, the environmental, economic and social crises we face will only intensify in the next decade. If we instead implement bold, systemic change, we can venture down a new path — a future where we reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, halt biodiversity loss and build a just and equitable economy. Solving any of these challenges requires understanding where transformational change is occurring, the enablers of effective systems change and the connections between systems.

The Systems Change Lab brings together leading organizations to provide a new open-source data platform to help ignite widespread, concerted action. Available to preview this June and launching in September 2022, the data platform will reveal which shifts are accelerating, stalling or heading in the wrong direction entirely — as well as the forces driving these changes. The site will provide a snapshot of global progress for the transformational shifts urgently needed to protect the planet and the actions that will be key to get us there.

The Systems Change Lab is a collaborative initiative convened by World Resources Institute, Bezos Earth Fund and the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions, with key partners and funders including the Climate Action Tracker, Global Commons Alliance, Global Environment Facility, Just Climate, UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre and the University of Tokyo’s Center for Global Commons, among others.

Our new open-source data platform will measure data across these interconnected systems.

  • Power
  • Industry
  • Transport
  • Cities & the Built Environment
  • Carbon Removal
  • Forests & Land
  • Oceans
  • Freshwater
  • Food
  • Finance
    * Launching June 2022
  • Circular Economy
  • Good Governance
  • Social Inclusion & Equity
  • New Economics