It's time to change
the way we think about
changing the world.

Later this year, Systems Change Lab will begin rolling out a new platform to monitor, learn from and mobilize action for the transformational changes required to protect both people and the planet.

Systems Change Lab aims to spur change at the pace and scale needed to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges: limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees C, halting biodiversity loss and building a just and equitable economy.  

Our initiative will track global progress for more than 70 transformational shifts across nearly every system, enabling users to compare current action against targets we need to reach by the end of this critical decade and 2050. 


Explore Systems Change Lab

Our new open-source data platform will measure data across these interconnected systems.

  • Power
  • Industry
  • Transport
  • Cities & the Built Environment
  • Carbon Removal
  • Forests & Land
  • Oceans
  • Freshwater
  • Food
  • Finance
    * Launching June 2022
  • Circular Economy
  • Good Governance
  • New Economics

Partners and Funders

Systems Change Lab is a collaborative initiative convened by World Resources Institute and Bezos Earth Fund. Systems Change Lab supports the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions and works with key partners and funders including Climate Action Tracker, ClimateWorks Foundation, Global Environment Facility, Just Climate, UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre and the University of Tokyo’s Center for Global Commons, among others. Systems Change Lab is a component of the Global Commons Alliance.