Limiting worsening climate impacts, halting biodiversity loss, and promoting equity will require major shifts across global systems, including power, industry, food, and many more. Systems Change Lab’s interactive data platform provides a virtual situation room to track global and country-level progress being made toward these many shifts and their associated targets.

2024 is a year for action, and Systems Change Lab can help inform this action with science-based targets and a comprehensive view of global progress. Join us on February 13 to learn how to filter, find, and download data to advance your work and spur action this year using the Systems Change Lab platform.

This training will include background on the basic concept behind systems change and Systems Change Lab’s mission, as well as a demonstration of the website and a breakdown of our key terms, methodology, research, and more. It will focus on new features, such as the ability to filter by country and view country-level data in tables, timelines and maps. We will also save some time to answer your questions on Systems Change Lab and the state of global action.


  • Cathline Nagel, Senior Product Manager, Systems Change Lab, World Resources Institute
  • Tappan Parker, Outreach and Engagement Manager, Systems Change Lab, World Resources Institute
  • Brynne Wilcox, Communication Specialist, Systems Change Lab, World Resources Institute