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IRENA, Flickr


With the shift to address “how” we solve for carbon mitigation and adaptation, focus must move to what technologies are required and how we can achieve global implementation. There is general agreement that technology already exists to begin impacting climate change, although there is a need for innovating more cost-effective, accessible solutions. There is also a need to better align funding to appropriately drive action across key carbon emitting sectors.

The panel discussed the current state of climate technology, where shifts need to happen and how government, investors and the private sector can support advancement. Topics included:

  • The urgency around timing of adoption of solutions and implementation at scale,
  • How to drive funding alignment needed to drive accelerated uptake across a broader set of sectors,
  • Balance of deploying existing technologies with speed and scale versus new, more effective climate technologies,
  • Policy support and incentives required to accelerate innovation and implementation. 



  • Dr. Gayle Schueller, Senior Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer, 3M
  • Jim Coulter, TPG Executive Chairman & Managing Partner, TPG Rise Climate
  • Santosh Kumar Singh, Chief Sustainability Officer, Adani Green Energy 
  • Rachel Jetel, Co-Director, Systems Change Lab, World Resources Institute